Support Services

Shiloh’s Hope, Inc. provides dignified services when appointed as Guardian of the person. As Guardian, we are committed to make reasonable decision that provide the most opportunity and quality of life to the ward including where the ward lives, medical care, and services needed. Guardianship is over the person only.

Shiloh’s Hope, Inc. will provide support and assistance to families and/or agencies with the legal process of appointment. We will support individuals to remain connected with their family, community, and support systems. We will assist with managing health care and the general wellbeing, focusing on individual hopes and desires. We encourage independence and personal responsibility while fostering mutual respect of all team members.

Emergency Guardianship is also available if deemed necessary by court appointment.

Other voluntary alternatives are available for personal needs including, conservatorship of the estate, Health Care Declaration, Advance psychiatric directive, individual plan, family plan, case management, and health care facility plan. All of these plans may be completed and notarized in the comfort of our office.

For more information/consult on Guardianship Services and/or to execute a less limiting plan, please contact Karla West at 507-934-2094 during business hours. For after hour/emergencies please call 507-420-8477 and request emergent consult for guardianship.