Shiloh's Hope, Inc.
A Person-Centered Approach to Support and Services

Our vision at Shiloh's Hope, INC is to be the very best in the industry at providing current outcome-based best practices to persons wanting to live a richer, fuller and more meaningful life.

Shiloh's Hope, Inc. - 1304 Marshall St. Suite #1 - St. Peter, MN 56082 - (507) 934-2094
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It is Shiloh's Hope, INC mission to bring a holistic, person-centered approach to the support and services it offers, providing each person a dynamic, interactive home-like environment,that enables each person to meet his/her physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual needs; and to offer a wide range of life enrichment experiences, bringing quality, depth and meaning to each person’s life. Each location is staffed by persons committed to supporting the personal well-being, growth and developmentof each individual. It is also Shiloh’s Hope, INC mission to be a respected learning and educational resource on persons with special needs to the southern and central regions of Minnesota.