A Person-Centered Approach to
Support and Services


Our vision at Shiloh's Hope, INC is to be the very best in the industry at providing current outcome-based best practices to persons wanting to live a richer, fuller and more meaningful life. Shiloh's Hope, INC, is also firmly committed to being a learning and educational resource on persons with special needs to its stakeholders.


It is Shiloh's Hope, INC mission to bring a holistic, person-centered approach to the support and services it offers, providing each person a dynamic, interactive home-like environment,that enables each person to meet his/her physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual needs; and to offer a wide range of life enrichment experiences, bringing quality, depth and meaning to each person’s life. Each location is staffed by persons committed to supporting the personal well-being, growth and developmentof each individual. It is also Shiloh’s Hope, INC mission to be a respected learning and educational resource on persons with special needs to the southern and central regions of Minnesota.



At Shiloh's Hope, INC, we firmly believe that respect, courtesy, and dignity of all individuals without respect to position or status in life are central to having healthy interpersonal relations and making a difference. This requires from each of us; a desire and willingness to listen; open-mindedness with respect to the diversity of views and opinions; sincerity and humility; and trust. We welcome and accept the challenges that come with desiring to be the very best at what we do because of our commitment to quality of service, personal and professional integrity, excellence, hard work, teamwork, and the desire to learn and grow. Finally, Shiloh's Hope, INC shall never flag or be undaunted in its efforts to be an ADVOCATE for its stakeholders, and is committed to:

Awareness and appreciation of each person's individuality;
Developing goals and pursing dreams to maximize independence, personal growth and development;
Vocational skills training and infusing vitality into a person's life;
Optimizing the untapped potential in each area of a person's life;
Community engagement with the support of a compassionate, highly capable and competent staff;
Allowing for and accepting cultural, religious, and ethnic uniqueness;
Teamwork and training;
Effort, enthusiasm and education.


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